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Dovetail 3 year Hoopla!


The Dovetail
29200 Hoover Rd 48093 Warren United States
OKAY! I know it's late, but TONIGHT I'll be hosting a 3 year celebration of sorts for the Cafe!
Clay Adams will stop on for a bit
Steven Stocker is going to be here for shananigans
and whomever else wishes to swing by is welcome to. I shall even play some stuff, along with Marcus Concernicus and he'll entertain as he is so good at doing. There will be FREE BREWED COFFEE and whatever Janice Sollose decides to bring!
Kyle McBee will also be attending, so it is sure to be some fun indeed.
Cheers and thanks to all who have helped make The Dovetail a great place to hang. Voted best DIY coffeehouse in Macomb county 2 years running!